Living in Hannibal Today

Today, Hannibal is considered a small, rural, northeastern Missouri town, with a population that hovers just under eighteen thousand. Old blends with new, and families whose Hannibal roots go back for generations live alongside “transplants” who have chosen to make Hannibal their new home. The community is diverse, represented by a broad range of ethnicities and socioeconomic backgrounds.


As Twain’s popularity throughout the world continues, so, too, does the interest in Hannibal, visited by tens of thousands of Twain enthusiasts each year. There is a responsibility that all Hannibalians share in maintaining the heritage of Twain’s hometown so as to preserve its legacy for future generations. Through the efforts of historians and preservationists over the last one hundred years, much of Hannibal has, in fact, been preserved.  The appreciation of  Hannibal's authentic historical significance gives meaning to its preservation which we hope will continue for generations to come.


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