The Central Park neighborhood includes thirty square blocks that were laid out in the original town plat of 1836. Most of the 272 buildings are residential homes, but the district also includes six churches and thirty-seven commercial businesses. The stand-out structure of this district is the Federal Building, completed in 1888, located at the northwest corner of Sixth and Broadway.


The centerpiece of the neighborhood is Central Park, a one-acre full city block bounded by Fourth, Fifth, Broadway and Center streets. This land was set aside in 1836 to serve as greenspace to be enjoyed by the community and has been such since that time. Standing proudly near the northwest corner of the park facing Broadway is the life-size bronze statue of William Henry Hatch, Hannibal’s eight-term U. S. Congressman, known as the "Father of Modern Agriculture”. Central Park features a beautiful fountain, bandstand, and a memorial to commemorate those Hannibalians who gave their lives in both World Wars.




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